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WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition)

Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport in Woking and Leora Rosner of the Growing Air Foundation in  Amsterdam are teaming for the WAVE, the world advanced vehicle expedition taking place from the 28th of June to the 7th of July. It's like a rally but with electric vehicles! They are presenting the double edged sword against climate change, on the one edge sustainable energy, on the other reforestation. One without the other is like going into battle in a tank without the shells! Especially now that the CO2 count has reached 400 parts per million and climbing which is why our climate is a mess! You can all help and get your name on their WAVE car plus a signed photograph! Hurry up and do it now, there's limited space and room for another 25 names!!! All you need to do is go to: (soon to be org), click donate and earmark your £20 for the WAVE. Give 'me some love and do it now,
Tongue and Groove will be supporting the team and hope they are successful. 
New Server

Its upgrade time and we've decided to bring you a brand new server, with new features, extended playlist and scheduled replays. Please make sure you renew your listen live links. We've done this across our pages, on our external players and on our Facebook player. For those that save the link in your chosen media player please take a moment to copy these new links. (The old ones will still work for a while yet but will eventually be turned off). Just copy and paste the links below, or you can just click on the logo's.


Thankyou for your continued support, don't forget to tell your friends.